Alhumdulillah, 1/31/2013
I am so pleased to find a board book that introduces my son to both the colors and Allah! The book also rhymes which makes it interesting for young children! Could not be happier!
Wonderful book, 4/21/2011
By Anastasia izgagina (Memphis TN)
i m really glad that we have books like that. Its beautifully and simply written .
My son is one year and he loves the book . Im sure it can be even more helpful for the kids who know how to read .
Beautiful, 10/29/2010
By Amenah Akhtar (Aurora IL)
I bought this book for my 1 year old and MashaAllah its one of her favorite books! A must-have Islamic board book for toddlers!
Beautiful book on colors with respect to Allah, 4/8/2010
By Hannan k (omaha ne)
I realized after I got this book that everything, art , social studies, manners belongs first to Allah and hence should be taught from the view point of Islam. This book does just that. Its a beautiful book of colors and my daughter insists on keeping it in her crib to thumb through at night.