Perfect for babies and toddlers!, 2/7/2021
By Umm Serene (Anaheim CA)
“Al-Khaliq made my lips and tongue a shade of pinky pink,” 
“with which I love to sip my strawberry milky drink.”

This board book is amazing for any Muslim toddler learning their colours. The most striking thing about this book is that it’s got tabs on the side of the pages for each colour. Not only does this look super cool but practically, it makes it much easier for children under 1 to turn the pages too. Each page rhymes and, although sometimes a little wordy, once you get the flow it sounds great and is a lot of fun to read. I’ve been known to randomly turn to my husband and say “Al-Khaliq made the yellow sun shine each and every morn. It warms the fields of yellow wheat and sunflowers and corn.” Because, you know... why not? Everything is tied back to Allah so it’s also a beautiful lesson about Him too and all He has given us. The illustrations and cute and, although not stunning in any way, it all just works well together. I really like this book and enjoy rediscovering it when I haven't seen it for a while.
Alhumdulillah, 1/31/2013
I am so pleased to find a board book that introduces my son to both the colors and Allah! The book also rhymes which makes it interesting for young children! Could not be happier!
Wonderful book, 4/21/2011
By Anastasia izgagina (Memphis TN)
i m really glad that we have books like that. Its beautifully and simply written .
My son is one year and he loves the book . Im sure it can be even more helpful for the kids who know how to read .
Beautiful, 10/29/2010
By Amenah Akhtar (Aurora IL)
I bought this book for my 1 year old and MashaAllah its one of her favorite books! A must-have Islamic board book for toddlers!
Beautiful book on colors with respect to Allah, 4/8/2010
By Hannan k (omaha ne)
I realized after I got this book that everything, art , social studies, manners belongs first to Allah and hence should be taught from the view point of Islam. This book does just that. Its a beautiful book of colors and my daughter insists on keeping it in her crib to thumb through at night.