arabic learning, 12/12/2017
By ayesha shaheeen (Little neck NY)
little hard for english learner
excellent book, 1/12/2013
By mohamed bensmail (ELMONT NY)
I bought this book foe my son. He loves it and help him to understand more words in arabic.
excellent book, 10/28/2012
By amal f (Galloway OH)
it's excellent book i love for my student.
lovely book, 10/27/2012
By amal fareh (Galloway OH)
this is nice book. i recommed for your kids special for non-arabic kids.its really nice book.
the best book ever, 8/14/2011
By khadija Elouakili (cedar rapids IA)
This is really the best book ever i taught many student from it and they learnt fast .Thank you so much for this high quality
Excellent book, 6/20/2011
By Ayesha M (knoxville TN)
This is is the best beginners Arabic book and we have seen a few. Highly recommend if you are looking for a book that a nonnative speaker can use to teach Arabic to a student learning it as a second language.
Gateway to Arabic Book review, 5/11/2011
By Jameelah Campbell (Birmingham AL)
This is the best book , and the only one like it that I have ever seen. It covers the Necessary  basics of writing and reading. It enables the student to go from K5 level of just knowing the alphabet to 1st grade level of reading and writing. Teachers and students should pay close attention to learn everything in this book.
Extra, 11/17/2010
By Iskandar Soekardi (pacific grove CA)
We needed more for our newer students, so we ordered some.  We look forward to using the next two levels in the coming year, insha'Allah.
Gateway To Arabic Level 1, 11/13/2010
By Umm AbdurRahman Pearlman (East Orange NJ)
I found this book very helpful. Works well for extra practice as you are teaching beginning reading.  This book can be used by itself or in addition to any beginner arabic program
Gateway to Arabic Level 1, 10/28/2010
By Waheedah Abdul-Jabir (East Cleveland OH)
this book is excellent  for teaching the English speaking person how to read Arabic.  We have used this book for the last 5years in our Arabic Classes for beginners.
Gateway to Arabic: Level 1, 10/20/2010
By Iskandar soekardi (pacific grove CA)
We've chosen this book for the second year in a row because it is the best book for beginners we found to date.
the perfect book, 10/6/2010
By Ann Elkest (paterson NJ)
i have been looking for the perfect book for elemntary and middle school to teach reading and i have found it at last. it is so simple and fun for kids it is not like the other boring arabic book that teaches reading. it has lots of exercises and pictures. all you need to teach your student how tow to read is in this book ( alphabet separate- their shapes and joining them , all the vowels short and long, sukun, shaddah , tanween and allam alshamsiya wal qamarya . i'm going to order 20 for my first graders