exciting reading, 2/26/2017
By Mona M (Calgary AB)
I got this book as well as a gift and I really recommend it for those little ones who trying to learn the arabic letters. It's formed nicely where you kid would be able to read within the first lesson
Ok, 8/16/2016
By I M (Windsor CT)
I bought this book for my daughter. She already knew the fat-ha, damma, kasra and the long vowels (maad). This is what the book covers mainly. Was not useful for us since she already knew them. But would be useful to students who need to learn their letters and vowels.
Elementary Arabic Curriculum, 9/29/2013
By Mehtap Kandara (Baton Rouge LA)
We are using the book in this series for Elementary Arabic class in our full time Islamic school. Easy to follow, student friendly book and workbooks.
Good Visual Aids, 2/26/2011
By Masood M (Rochester MI)
This book is a good start to learning arabic.
learning arabic, 12/23/2010
By al-furqan school (Dublin OH)
It is easy to understand, learn and practice arabic writing and reading. Theuse of vivid colors, illustration and context make it appealing to the children of all ages.