Positive / Negative, 9/23/2013
By Yahia Zeino (Springfield IL)
We had this book in our islamic school. The positive thing about the book, is the design, it is also simple to use, teaches them how to write and to start reading simple 3-letter verbs after they finish learning the alphabet. However, the book is really disasterous when it comes to Tashkeel. I have a very big question about the letter D (doctor) that precedes the author's name. He either has no nowledge whatsoever, or he did not pay enough time to go over the mistakes that happened with printing. We still ordered it again for this year, becasue most of the Tashkeel mistakes are toward the end of the book, and because our goal is to get the kids start putting letters together in words, and it was helpful in that regard.
I Read I Write, 3/28/2011
By Sadiyya El-Amin (Philadelphia PA)
I was very pleased with my purchase. This book is nice in size and font. What I really like about this book is that the book teaches verbs and it doesn't just give vocabulary, it tells a story with the words... Makes learning more fun.