Graded Steps in Qur'an Reading (Teacher's/Self Study Edition), 7/7/2015
By Jihada A Gilcrease (Fort Worth TX)
Imam Bakhach is teaching a 9 wk Course in Arabic in the Mosque.  We are using the "Graded Steps in Qur'an Reading (Teacher's/Self Study Edition)" textbook for all students. The Teacher's Guide has more details and information than the Student's edition.  This is one of the best Arabic Text Book that we have found.  I urge any serious student to check this out.
Graded Steps, 10/26/2012
By Nichole Abdul-Majid (Louisville KY)
As a continuing Arabic student without the CDs I have still found this text to be very  helpful.  Each section's introductory page has useful tips, definitions of relevant terms and connections to previous lessons.
Graded Steps, 5/6/2012
By Rizwan Arastu (Dearborn MI)
Generally, this is a very good tool for those who wish to learn Arabic from scratch. There are 2 major problems though.
1) The author consistently introduces items in exercises that have not yet been covered in the book. For instance, he introduces items that contain long vowels before having introduced long vowels.
2) The recording in the CD's is too fast and the reciter consistently mispronounces the letter "jeem" using the Lebanese/Syrian pronunciation, which sounds like a french "j"