, 11/17/2017
By Mohamed Meta (Jersey City NJ)
It’s very simple & kids like it
Islamic Studies, 10/19/2017
By Mo Met (Fairview NJ)
Nice book
Review, 10/2/2016
By Ingy Aly (Vancouver WA)
Great book
AAAA+, 9/28/2013
By RANI ADDI (Galloway OH)
Workbook, 9/19/2013
By R S (Raleigh NC)
We have been using this book for many years now in our Sunday School.
I Love Islam, 9/19/2013
By R S (Raleigh NC)
We have been using this book for many years now in our Sunday School.
i Love Islam, 10/20/2012
By Aijaz K (Jericho NY)
Simply an excellent text and workbook for 1st grade kids. My kid enjoys reading it. The delivery of the book was very fast. Thanks again and keep it up. jazakallah
Workbook, 10/20/2012
By hikmet nural (glendale AZ)
It is very nice...
Islamic STudies, 10/11/2012
By Mumina Ezghair (Sugar Land TX)
Excellent format, excellent product.
Islamic STudies, 10/11/2012
By Mumina Ezghair (Sugar Land TX)
Clear, comprehensive, appealing layout. Kids Love it!
Very easy and comprehensive, 10/3/2012
By Beenish Saeed (WEST HEMPSTEAD NY)
This textbook provides my five year old an  excellent and easy way of learning religion.
alsalam alykum, 8/10/2012
By Hana Diab (phoenix AZ)
Excellent series for the kids Thank you Noorart for doing this professional job
Great workbook!, 12/30/2011
By Asima A (Sanford FL)
I am really enjoying this series and the workbook is great supplement to the textbook!  It is perfect for my 5 year old!
Islam, 10/20/2011
By Hillorie M (glendale AZ)
My 5 & 6 year olds really enjoy this workbook.  It mixes learning and fun.  Noorart is doing a great job creating learning rescources that kids actually enjoy.
i love islam, 10/15/2011
By zareena basha (westdesmoines IA)
This book is very good,we are using sunday school&everyday school
I love Islam workbook level 1, 9/18/2011
By Arifuddin Syed (Richardson TX)
Good Idea for Practicing what they learn
I love Islam, 7/10/2011
By Hayat F. ( )
This is an amazing book! It has great activities. I have never been disappointed!
Good Workbook, 7/7/2011
By Ayesha M (knoxville TN)
This is an excellent workbook to go along with the grade 1 text. I only wish it was all in one book with the text, teachers manual and workbook in one, but it is a good book just pricey when you have to buy all 3.
I love Islam level one, 3/24/2011
By Muse ali (portland ME)
I bought this book to see if it is any different from the many text books before. Sure enough, this book has all i ever wanted from islamic text book: a workbook, teacher's guide and colorful, informative and engaging text. Fully recommend
Great, 2/25/2011
By Om Badr (staten island NY)
I bought this with the text book my son loves it, it riches and support the information in the text book and give some fun to the learning process. fully recommended
Islamic Studies, 11/28/2010
By Cheryl Boehm (Ormond Beach FL)
Excellent workbook to accompany the text for beginning student in Islamic studies
Best Book ., 10/13/2010
By boshra hassan (knoxville TN)
I love this book ,it is one of the best books for little kids and even grown up kids .
Islamic Studies, 9/26/2010
By Howaida Ahmed (Houston TX)
I recommend this Series as an Islamic Studies Curriculum.  We have been using this in our school for the past 3 years and the students have benefited from it.
I love Islam 1, 9/16/2010
By zareena basha (westdesmoines Iowa)
Islamic Studies, 6/5/2010
By Mahmoud Eid (perth Australia)
Assalamu Alaikum

“I love Islam” and “Learning Islam” are excellent series to teach Islamic Studies (Grades 1 – 8). Unfortunately, they do not cover K & PP.  We've tried Levels 1 - 3 and we received excellent feedback from teachers. The only problem with those books is with ‘typographical’ mistakes and ‘expression’ some times. There are hundreds of mistakes of this nature. There are also lots of blank pages in the workbook. Editing is a must. I can help you in this regard if you want.

I have personally reviewed all the books and I wrote eight standard exams on each level to be used every year so that teachers do not have to worry about the exams. I also developed teaching programs for each level to cover the whole year (based on two periods per week). I am trying to convince all Muslim schools in Australia to adopt those textbooks for Islamic Studies. I also offered them my programs to comply with the standards of education that are required by the Australian Department of Education (Curriculum Council). I hope to see those books adopted as a national Islamic curriculum in all Australian Muslim schools. I am confident to say these Islamic Studies books are the best choice for our children. 

Dr Mahmoud Eid