islamic studies, 3/6/2020
By youcef mansouri (Louisville KY)
it is an amazing book the students  love it so much.easy to understand also the stories are directed to the point.
Islamic Studies 3, 9/26/2019
By Sumaiya Aziz (Nashville TN)
This book is wonderful to have for the Sunday School I teach at. The kids have fun while reading the book while also learning about Islam. The CD is also a very good tool to have when teachers feel like switching their style of teaching for the day. I would totally recommend this book.
Islamic Studies, 10/12/2018
By Tahira Sarwer (Carnegie PA)
We use this book for level  at Weekend school, very good resource for teachers as well
I Love Islam Level 3, 8/12/2018
By Heba Rab (Kansas City MO)
I love how this book is laid out, how interactive and colorful they made it considering you can’t put pictures of prophets along with stories. It gives the child a good understanding of Islam for their age. It looks like books 1,2&3 have the same concepts in them but have tougher questions and more info as level progresses.
Review, 10/2/2016
By Ingy Aly (Vancouver WA)
My kids love them
good o have, 9/14/2013
By noha ibrahim (Tempe AZ)
it always nice to have some CD with the books for the children to enjoy
Great Books, 9/14/2013
By noha ibrahim (Tempe AZ)
This my third year buyin this books . it is a grat one and easy to read . my children love ,and enjpys the books . they learned a lot  through out the yeats
I love Islam, 9/12/2013
By Om Luqman (Bowie MD)
great book, easy to understand
I love Islam, 12/4/2012
By Haifa Mustafah (Clarksville TN)
I have adopted this book for the last two years , I think it is an excellent book   , My students love it . It's very easy to understand
I S, 10/31/2012
By Hala Hamoush (Tampa FL)
great book
I Love Islam Textbook level 3, 9/21/2011
By Arifuddin Syed (Richardson TX)
Very good book
Islamic studies, 11/5/2010
By Farheen Bano (Katy TX)
My 9yr old enjoy reading this book. The lessons are age appropriate and very informatiive. Also, the CD that comes with the book is a lot of fun for kids and a nice tool for parents to enforce what the kids are learning in the book.
islamic studies, 10/27/2010
By mona soliman (Dalton GA)
very good