Great Arabic Curriculum !, 6/27/2020
By Manal T (Stone Ridge VA)
After reviewing several different Arabic curricula offered on NoorArt, I ended up buying this series - grades 1 through 6 for my homeschooled kids.  The Grade 6 book is very different from the Grades 1 - 5.  It was in black and white print , and the paper was not of the same quality either.  While the lower grades' stories focused on social stories, the Grade 6 texts focused more on Quranic verses and Hadiths.  While the list of translated vocabulary and phrases still existed per unit, the questions and instructions for the activities are not translated in level 6. There is also a much greater emphasis on grammar at this level than the previous levels, and the total number of pages was almost double of the previous grades' textbooks.  Although I wasn't too happy with it being B&W and of lower quality paper, I was still very happy with the content.