Very helpful!, 12/22/2019
By tammy schiel (Doha )
This colour-coded Mushaf, coloured for Tajweed, is very helpful for properly reading the Qur'an.  I have used them for many years and great in the beginning when one is learning to memorize the rules of Tajweed.
Helpful MashAllah, 1/29/2017
By Asiyah Bint Ismael (Round Rock TX)
I was gifted this when I first took shahada, which I later gifted to a friend who took shahada. Bought it for myself to help me again to read and memorize. InshaAllah, it will be helpful for my children as well. Love the layout and the colors.
Tajweed Qur'an (Juz' Amma0, 1/26/2014
By yasser hadder (IRVING TX)
ma shaallah all children who are learning these books have benefited them a lot
Tajweed Quran, 1/13/2014
By Syed Zaidi (Piscataway NJ)
Loved this Tajweed Quran. After learning to read arabic this was the major step towards reciting quran correctly.
Tajweed Quran, 1/13/2014
By Syed Zaidi (Piscataway NJ)
Recently learned arabic and with this help of this tajweed quran I can read following rules of tajweed.
Tajweed Qur'an, 6/2/2013
By Reny Ellyasheva (Mukilteo WA)
Alhamdulillah, this book is light and easy to take everywhere around the house.It helps my son a lot in memorizing short surahs of chapter 30.
Tajweed Quran, 2/19/2012
By Dananai Majuru (Quincy MA)
Excellent learning tool for intermediate student in Islamic studies. Can't wait to complete and order next one
Great Book, 12/29/2011
By Jehad Adwan (Blaine MN)
Bought 4 copies for the kids' Islamic studies class. The kids love their books. I see that they are of a great value to our children to learn how to read the Quran in a proper manner especially with tajweed marks and color coding.
Thank you for a great product
Tajweed Quran with Translation, 3/9/2011
By Selma Sulieman (hudson NH)
Have found this copy extremely useful for my children -  the color coded tajweed rules makes it easier to master and they enjoy the  explanation of the ayat right there in the margins! How convenient!!
Juz Amma Tajweed Quran, 1/20/2011
By Sue Reeves (Plano TX)
Very nice for beginners or those who are looking to brush up their tajweed. This Quran is nice because it is color coded and not too big as to overwhelm the new reciter.
Quran, 1/2/2011
By Cheryl Boehm (Ormond Beach FL)
excellent for pronounciation of Juz Amma from English with tajweed colorations