my son loves it, 9/27/2012
By Hala Yacout (santa clara CA)
my son is four and half years old and he loves it.. we had it for a month now and he is not bored of it yet.. i think he likes how the stories are educational  and teaches him about animals and not like the usual bany style stories.. the words are written big and clear it you wanted to encourage him to read.  i sure recommend for kids of that age group
رائع, 3/31/2012
By نور الحق (Arlington TX)
helpful for beginning reading skills, 12/28/2009
By umm habib (Newton MA)
There are 8 books in the series, and each is based on the behaviors of animals. The books teach animal behaviors, but are presented as a story, so it makes it more engaging for young children. The Arabic text is very large which is helpful for beginning reading skills.