Fasting, 1/11/2018
By Ayesha Shaheen (Little neck NY)
Good book for kids to know about fasting
Hamza's First Fast, 10/2/2012
By Noor Saadeh (Richardson TX)
Kids will relate to the 'Cartoon Network" style animations and Hamza's funky and not-so-perfect character!
my kids love it, 9/18/2011
By faiza ishaque (Katy TX)
An excellent book for kidd
Excellent Story, 8/22/2011
By Karima Ali (Fresno CA)
I bought this because my daughter was starting to fast this year. It helped her and my younger one to better understand why we fast and that it's ok to be hungry.  It's the first book that I've found that actually explained to a young child what fasting is really like.  It even got my 6 year old to fast some of the day as practice.