Learning Islam level 2, 9/26/2019
By S Aziz (Nashville TN)
This a great resoucre for our young adults. It has relevant topics according to age level. Examples make it topic easy for students to understand the topic. 
We are using this book for almost 4 years in our weekend school. 
Highly recommend it.
Islamic Studies, 10/12/2018
By Tahira Sarwer (Carnegie PA)
We use this book for level  at Weekend school, very good resource for teachers as well
great book for youth, 9/14/2013
By noha ibrahim (Tempe AZ)
My childen love this book , they do lean a lot in a simple easy reading
Islamic Studies, 2/16/2012
By Hoda Ahmed (Folsom CA)
My son loves this book. It has lots of information and easy to understand.