i love islam, 8/11/2012
By Suhair Amer (Glendale AZ)
My daughter and I like this book, it is great and sampl
Islamic Studies, 7/14/2012
By AlGhazaly School (Jersey City NJ)
Our Islamic Studies Teacher loves the book and also loves the corresponding worksheets.
islamic sudies, 4/10/2012
By yaniss chougui (youngtown AZ)
We are using this book in islamic studies and i found that there is a lot of informations inside very explicite. We finished learnig islam 2 so now with this we are going deeper in islam. I will recommand this book.
Islamic Studies, 9/19/2011
By Karen Elsadek (East Lansing MI)
Our Islamic Studies teacher praises the Learn Islam Series and has added the 8th grade text this year.  She finds the information pertinent and at the appropriate level.