Excellent practice book !, 6/27/2020
By Manal T (Stone Ridge VA)
The workbooks, unlike the textbooks, are in B&W and spiral binding.  However, I do find them helpful because they offer extra practice for each of the lessons covered in the textbook.  I ended up buying the grades 1-6  series and using it with my homeschooled kids.  Having the English translation for the questions and vocabulary words was extremely helpful.
Arabic language, 8/4/2016
By Abdulaziz Bulling (Midlothian VA)
This is a great book; we have tried other series for our program but have always come back to IQRA.
Workbook, 7/19/2016
By M R (madera CA)
This book is really nice. I like how it is written in Arabic AND english. Kids love the colorful pictures and pages.
arabic, 7/19/2012
By amal salem (Ottawa ON)
great book for non arabic speakers because all the instruction in English
Arabic, 12/27/2010
By Howaida Ahmed (Houston TX)
We use this book for our Kindergarten level class.  It works well since they are pretty advanced. The colorful pictures are nice for this grade level as well.
vocabulary rich book, 12/2/2010
By Zein Kharrat (Plano TX)
each chapter is about one letter and is divided into five or six lessons.  the lessons are as folows:
1: Listen and Repeat (vocab words with colorful pictures)
2: Listen and Repeat (more vocab words with colorful pictures)
3: trace and write
4: pronunciation and writing words
5: english meaning of words (dictionary)
6: conversation (short question/answer dialogue that can be used as a skit)
My main concern at this point is that there is no teacher manual to guide the teacher to the best way to use the book.  I found myself copying the vocab words/pictures and creating a game of bingo to get the kids to learn the material.