Great Resource, 8/10/2020
By Mrs Mbacke (Acworth GA)
Assalamu alaykum.  You will not regret purchasing this book, it's a great resource!  I first found this text book on Amazon as a Kindle read.  That copy is okay, but I needed to zoom in a lot to see the text well.   I'm so happy to have found an actual book (soft/paperback) format, as I prefer.  It's a great resource for those of us looking to gain more information, thus more knowledge, about our Deen and beloved Messenger SAW.  The size of the text is GREAT as is the clarity of print, especially the Arabic-which makes for an easier read compared to the e-book format. There are 18 lessons which correlates well with the workbook as an enrichment and comprehensive lesson.  The qualities of the textbook, like the lessons, are well made-to endure.  Although written for the English language students, it includes beautifully written Arabic calligraphy and some photos.  Allow me to reiterate, you will not regret your purchase in'shaa Allah.
review, 7/11/2012
By fu Yung (COLUMBUS OH)
Excellent book for kids.
Very good book, 5/12/2011
By Niman Shukairy (Flint MI)
Jazakumullahu khair,  very good book covering the basics of the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad.