Exactly What We Needed For Homeschool, 6/27/2020
By Manal T (Stone Ridge VA)
The book is in color with plenty of pictures that are age appropriate and connect to the lesson well.  The unique illustrations are adorable and my children responded very well. The large font is helpful for novice readers, and there is ample space for students to write their answers on the book. I appreciated the fact that the publishers and authors of the book focused on the positives of Islamic teachings and none of the fear inducing topics.  Having the textbooks divided into two parts is smart because then the book does not become too bulky for the child to handle. I enjoyed the Sample Review feature offered on NoorArt's webpage.  It has helped me tremendously in selecting the right curriculum for my homeschooled kids.
Engaging!, 12/11/2019
By tammy schiel (Doha )
Wonderful and engaging textbooks that appeal so well to children!