Waiting for more to arrive!, 12/13/2019
By tammy schiel (Doha )
I have ordered the K-12 Arabic Set, Islamic full set in English and the smaller set in Arabic as absolutely love this series!
Islamic Studies, 3/6/2012
By Ahmed Rabi (Minneapolis MN)
Assalam alikom Brothers and sisters in NoorArt;

Jazakom Allah for your contribution to the Ummah. I work as a part-time teacher at ICM, MN and we use your books (Islamic Study) in our curricula. I say I am impressed and they are good as is, but as a reviwer I have two comments:
1- Often our teachers finish most of the book and at the end either they do it fast or don't do the moral and manner part. To me the most important part after Aqidah to our kids is manners. Hence can we switch the order of the subjects to have the moral and manners as a second or third subject to be taught to give it more value?

2- I see that the best why to study Sirah is to shed light on the manners of our Rasul (peace be upon him) most of the time we study Sirah as informational material and non of it practical. for example: The Rasul manners in ease, difficulties, death, battle, dealing with his companions and his enemies. and the lessons learned from those prophetical situations. The bottom line, to combine a practical Sirah with Manners and Morals.

Again Jazakom Allah Khairan
Ahmed Rabi
Religious Director of the Islamic Center Of Minnesota