Arabic alphabet puzzle mats, 3/6/2019
By Farooqa Yoosufani (Austin TX)
I bought these for my preschool students.  They really loved playing with them.  I could also place them scattered around the classroom and ask them to find a specific letter.  They can also trace around the letters.  Many possibilities for educational activities.  The only problem was getting them to clean up the pieces and put them back nicely and make sure no small pieces were missing.
great product, 12/23/2016
By Reem Beddawi ( )
well made and quality similar to most foam English letters you would buy on amazon. recommended
, 12/23/2016
By Reem Beddawi ( )
very well made and the quality is similar to any foam toys you would buy for English letters on amazon.... just note the size of the mat before you buy you might be expecting it to be larger than what it really is. over all recommended.
Arabic Alphabet Puzzle, 3/2/2015
By Ayman Shafik (College Station TX)
Very good quality and my sons loves it a lot
Arabic Alphabet Puzzle Mat, 12/29/2012
By Jennifer Frymier (Lakewood oh)
Excellent Product! The children played with it for hours :)
Arabic alphabet fun!!!, 10/30/2012
By Shabina Bibi Bibi (johnson city NY)
I had seen it with a friend and I fell in love with it. I did not have children of my own but I taught Quran. I wanted something fun and educational for new my students who were learning the alphabet. To my surprise everyone enjoyed! I broke them a parted and asked them to put it in order. They loved and became creative with their ideas. It is a must have in  every Muslim house hold.
AWESOME!!!, 8/14/2012
By Amira Aamoumour (Orlando FL)
I purchased this specifically for my EID party since there will be crawling babies and I wanted them to have something 'Arabic' and/or Islamic around. Just so happens all the kids played with it and it worked out perfectly for everyone, mash'Allah!!! Very affordable also! I should've bought the Large one =D I love it!
Alphabet puzzle mat Med., 5/8/2011
By Arifuddin Syed (Richardson TX)
very nice size puzzle mat for learning arabic alphabet
medium arabic alphabet puzzle mat, 1/14/2011
By E. Ryan (cherry hill NJ)
Loved it! Thank you for your great service! Great options for unique gifts. Purchased for 1 year old and she enjoyed played with the tiles!! Thanks Noorart!!!
you gotta love it, 12/9/2010
By muhammad zilany (Rochester NY)
my daughter absolutely loves it.. for first few days she plays with it from the time she wakes up to till she goes to is the perfect size for her..not too big...not too small.. she makes lots of things with it..houses, boxes, mat, tower, ladder..sleeping rug..just name it..well i have to say i love it too,,love the color very much .very nice and soothing color..i wish i could post some photos can interlock then so easily helps your child to think about lots of things he or she can make herself. you can also take out the alphabets from the mat and play with them separately. i will recommend this product as a must have item.
Very nice product, 7/28/2010
By Muhammad Zafar (Coraopolis PA)
Very nice product for kids learning and play