OK, 1/29/2017
By Asiyah Bint Ismael (Round Rock TX)
It was a good book, but honestly I'm a little disappointed. The age says 3-6, but I would recommend maybe at 5+. The book is lengthy with big paragraphs and big words. It talks about Allah (SWT) and who He is and His attributes. The last 7 pages just list the 99 names of Allah which I find to difficult for the younger readers with the 'Equitable,' 'Retarder,' 'Reckoner', etc. I was expecting something more simpler considering it's an introduction to young Muslims about Allah, however it's much better than "What is Jannah?" which includes a lot of paragraphs from the Qur'an.
bright and vidid, 12/25/2016
By Yolie Osean (hot springs AR)
Illustrations are fantastic for kids. Simple and clear ideas that a kid can grab onto and understand too.
Review, 3/28/2013
By Ahmar Qureshi (Grapevine TX)
Easy to read to Little Kids. I liked the illustraions which help get the attention of little kids.
review, 2/9/2013
By Farha Ahmad (BEDFORD TX)
Its a nice book but looking at the age 3-6 yrs the words are little hard for them to understand in the begining.But towrds the end pages its pretty good overall.
For baby, 9/27/2012
By Sue Aljayeh (Glen Allen VA)
Great book!