Very good book, 5/19/2019
By Hamza N (richardson TX)
Higher quality and keeps kids entertained. A great school resource and fun home workbook
color and learn salah, 11/14/2018
By Nahla Shalan (Nashville TN)
my students at the weekend school  love it and got a lot of benefits from it  JAK thanks!!
Jazakum Allahu Khayran, 1/29/2015
By Noraan Awad (ballwin MO)
My 5 year-old love it and learned a lot from it. Thank you !
Color and Learn Salah, 5/13/2013
By Jasmina M. (Columbia MO)
Bought this book for my eldest who is leanring the Salah.  I wish it wasn't so repetitive, it seems it is the same few drawings over and over.  I do like the drawing style and it is a good size book for the price.
-, 5/1/2013
By Sumbal SA (Houston TX)
My 8 year daughter is learning a lot from this book. Activities keep her engage and help to learn in fun way.
Fun for kids, 4/20/2013
By Saleem Mithwani (Keller TX)
Fun way for kids to learn about Salat.
book, 1/15/2012
By arlene paulino (Pawtucket RI)
not only are my daughters coloring but they are also learning about islam... All Praise is due to ALLAH!
Color and Learn Salah, 1/13/2012
By Khalid Yoosufani (Austin TX)
I bought this for my 5-year-old who loves to color.  This is a great way for young children to have fun and also learn about salah.  Jazaak Allahu khairun.
Color and learn salat, 11/3/2011
By Safiya Griggs (Winston-Salem NC)
This is an excellent book. We are using it at our weekend Islamic school for the first and second grades. Alhamdulillah!
Nice, 9/9/2011
By Lisa Ismail (Knoxville TN)
My daughter enjoys the pictures and stories.  Thank you
Wonderful book, 5/2/2011
By Syed Islam (Corona NY)
I had been looking for islamic books and finally found it here. Such wonderful product line you have. Please keep up the good work. May allah bless you. Thanks.