Phenomenal English-Arabic Dictionary!, 1/20/2012
By Tammam Alwan (Canton MI)
I have been looking for this dictionary since I first found it during my college days of studying Arabic in Egypt, glad to have found it here at Noorart. Although pricey, it's well-worth the investment. This dictionary actually includes many sample sentences in Arabic and example phrases of different ways a particular word could be used rather than a mere list of Arabic words, which makes it so much easier to use for the native-English student of Arabic. Other dictionaries can just be confusing for those not well-versed with Arabic already. The expansive list of words has satisfied most of my searches, although it doesn't have every single word I'm looking for and sometimes includes so many choices for translations (e.g. planetarium) that it makes it hard to choose one. Regardless, I've yet to see a general English-Arabic dictionary that compares in its ease of use and expansive list.