Noble Qur'an (Dar-us-Salam), 10/2/2011
By Jeffrey Mccambridge (Indianapolis IN)
Salaam, Wonderful quality, sturdy bindings, clear, quality print, proper, readable English translations with acompanying Arabic text and much needed information on every page for understanding the Qur'an in proper context so it may be applied to everyday life. Highly recommended
Wonderful, 9/22/2011
By Jeffrey Mccambridge (Indianapolis IN)
This print is of extremely high quality bindings, clear text in both English and Arabic, bull of knowledge that no price can buy, and yet is avaliable for lower cost than anywhere else on the internet, a must have for any Muslim
Thanks, 6/19/2010
By Ismail Ozturk (Burlington New Jersey)
Thank you for your study on Qur'an.