great book, 6/15/2013
By Mona Noureldin (Rochester MN)
I bought this book for me but I noticed that my children are also having a great time going  through it and seeing al the positive influences that muslims had on civilization.  There is also a children's edition which is fantastic for younger kids
Excellent resource, 12/2/2010
By M B. (Ashburn VA)
This is really a great resource for all to read.  It has really good informations of many things that are around us that were actually discovered by Muslims.  This is very good for children to's easy and clear descriptions and colorful pages really make this exciting to read.
Must-have book, 10/16/2010
By Ubmuneer Husam (Anaheim CA)
This book is a must-have for every muslim. It brings pride and hope to muslims and help motivate them towards adding their own humane contributions to the world as pioneers just like their ancestors. It may also be a suitable gift for non-muslims to enlighten them what muslims are all about and their great achievments and contributions to the human civilization.
It should be called the encyclopedia, 5/20/2010
By Lynne Omar (York )
This book is great. It contains lots of information that many peopel did not know before. It contains lovely pictures. Most of these pictures are real ones and it contains the oldest map of America. America was discovered even before Columbos by the Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho.!!.The colors of the book and how it is designed make it easy and enjoyable for everybody to read.