Becaeful, 4/25/2012
By Ahmed Ragab ( )
The book in general has very good information and present it in an attractive way. But becareful because at the end of level 5 book, I noticed that the author explained the people of the book in a wrong way. He said that they are NOT disbelievers and quoted Surat Al Baqara Ch.2 verse 62. This verse in English is translated in a wrong way in Yusuf Ali translation because in Arabic Qur'an the verbs are in the past and it talks about those who WERE Jews and Christians which means BEFORE prophet Mohamed that Allah will reward them if they were rightouse but in the English translation the verbs are in the present which gives the wrong meaning that any Jews or Christian NOW will be rewarded from Allah if they do right which is different from the original Qur'anic meaning. The whole lesson is based on the wrong translation which will lead to a very wrong teaching and will drive our kids astray.