Cute Simple Story, 10/9/2019
By Rasha AlMahroos (Arlington VA)
This is a nice short book that is suitable for two year olds. The phone rings. Sonia answers. Who is she talking to? Is it her bear? No.. Is it the puppy? No.. The book goes on until we find out that she's talking to her mom. The nice thing about the book is that there is a lot of repetition which my daughters loved at that age. The repetition makes the book predictable and easy to follow. My girls would respond "no" to each question and then finally "yes" at the end when its her mom. The only negative about this book is that it should have been a board book because it is definitely geared towards younger toddlers. Maybe one day the publisher will turn it it into one!
Sonia and the Telephone, 7/20/2011
By Sarah Henkel (West Jordan UT)
This is a fun read with adorable characters. It has big, bold letters that are perfect for those beginning to read (like my 3 year old) and for those whose arabic is
not so great (like me). My daughter loves shouting, "La (no)!" everytime I ask, "Is Sonia speaking with the....?"