KG Islamic Studies, 11/15/2013
By Shaad Ahmed (Beavercreek OH)
It would be nice to state the sources of the ahadith used and to have good reflection questions after each hadith.
Islamic studies, 11/14/2011
By Asma Farah (Sprigfield VA)
This book has great information and very helpful for kindergarten level.
Islamic studies, 5/24/2011
By Hani Salim (Columbia MO)
We found this series very useful for our weekend school kids ages 5-8 years old
Beginner Islamic Education, 10/9/2010
By Theresa Hadi (St Petersburg FL)
This book has a lot of great information and intersting illustrations, however, for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten levels, it may still be a bit too advanced.  I like the book but I would like to see a more simplified version for the younger children.