Favorite!, 3/24/2012
By Noor-Aisha Samad (Lilburn GA)

This is my absolute favorite Qaidah book which I would recommend to both teachers and students. It is comprised of almost every rule necessary to read the Holy Qur'an and the layout is very simple and easy-to-follow, MashAllah. 

The only negative review I can give is that some lessons are quite long and a few words are repetitive here and there.

In summary, this is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn to read The Holy Qur'an.
Quran, 1/19/2012
By Aiysha Sayeed (Alpharetta GA)
Great to start students on learning how to read Quran.
Excellent Beginners Book!, 1/1/2012
By Asima Umm Suhayb (Sanford FL)
If I could give 6 stars for this book I would!!  I've used this book for my eldest daughter and now I am using on my younger daughter.  I also ordered this book for our homeschooling group and really recommend it.  Quran Made Easy extensively goes through each rule of Arabic reading and gives students pleantly of practice exercises to help them master the art of reading Quran.
wonderful!, 4/15/2011
By Saher Yunus (West Bloomfield MI)
it helped my child learn fast and was easy to teach him with the lesson plans and helpful advice before each lesson. Excellent book.
Quran Made Easy, 3/14/2011
By Al Huda Academy (Schaumburg IL)
Good book to develop the necessary skills to read the Quran.
Quran Made Easy, 1/12/2011
By Hana Nizam (Anniston AL)
I like the concept of the book.
Qu'ran made Easy, 9/30/2010
By Nancy Salem (West Bloomfield MI)
Compact yet powerful learning tool!