Wonderful beginner book, 1/29/2017
By Asiyah Bunt Ismael (Round Rock TX)
Wonderful book. My son just turned 3 & he loves it. It's one of his favorite books to read before going to bed. It's very easy for him to understand and follow along with the story. Most pages only have a few sentences aside from the beginning and the end. He likes to interact and say "No, that's not Allah" when the author brings up the different scenarios such as Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) looking at the sun, moon, etc. It's an enjoyable read and I would recommend to be read by or be read to the younger readers, inshaAllah.
graet , good price, 7/5/2011
By lolo id (Arlington TX)
great story , colorful , good price
Quran story, 5/7/2011
By Batool Ali (Phenix City GA)
great Quran story.