Exactly What We Needed For Homeschool, 6/27/2020
By Manal T (Stone Ridge VA)
The book is in color with plenty of pictures that are age appropriate and connect to the lesson well. There is ample space for students to write their answers on the book. The consistent layout makes it easy for the learner to find the information.  There is a variety of activities used that make the learning process fun.  I did not receive a CD-ROM as mentioned in the item description.  I received an access code that was placed on the inner side of the book cover. The access codes are recordings of the Quranic verses mentioned in the textbooks.  Some of the recordings are poorly made.  I ended up using YouTube for searching up recitations.   Having the textbook divided into two parts is great because it makes the textbooks less bulky and easier to handle.  I appreciated the fact that the publishers and authors of the book focused on the positives of Islamic teachings and none of the fear inducing topics.  I enjoyed the Sample Review feature offered on NoorArt's webpage.  It has helped me tremendously in selecting the right curriculum for my homeschooled kids.
CD is Nice, 11/10/2013
By Mariah Rashid (Windsor CT)
The part 1 and 2 parts are broken up into different sections talking about tawheed, seerah, adab and Quran which is good to cover all that in one year. The cd that comes with it is very useful for students to hear the proper recitation of the verses.