Great Arabic Curriculum !, 6/27/2020
By Manal T (Stone Ridge VA)
After reviewing several different Arabic curricula offered on NoorArt, I ended up buying this series - grades 1 through 6 for my homeschooled kids.  The Grade 1 book starts at the basic level of introducing the letters, connecting the letters, and basic Arabic phrases.  Books from Grades 2 to 5 have units that start with a story and activities that cover vocabulary , comprehension, grammar, and Arabic phrases.  Each activity has the instructions in both Arabic and English, and each unit has a list of vocabulary words and common phrases translated as well.   I liked the lay out of this series, the quality of the paper, the illustrations used, and the use of color print to emphasize the lesson's learning goals.
, 1/24/2020
By (Harrisburg PA)
One of the best books for schools. The book shouldn't be called level 1. You need to work on another book to get prepared for this book