My Arabic Alphabet Book the Language of Quran, 1/15/2019
By Hasna S (New Cumberland PA)
The best hardcover Arabic book for beginner's.  Very ideal for ages 3-6 years of age.  Heavy Duty and pages won't ripe especially for this age.  Great Pics too!
Alphabet picture book, 1/12/2018
By Hana Mu (Philadelphia PA)
Very nice fitd in bag on the go learning!
great book!, 6/3/2012
By umm ibraheem syed (augusta ME)
although my son is only 6 months and obviously doesn't understand the book that well yet, he still takes a great interest in looking at the pictures, and i hope it will be instrumental in helping him learn his arabic alphabet. the only problem is not with the book but how it was delivered; the pages were sticky and as we turned the pages, a bit of each page ripped. not a big problem but still i wish it got to us in better condition. also, if i could change one thing, i wish there was consistency with the pictures they chose; they were all at random; letter, fruits, washing machine, hand etc.
Nice book, 4/21/2011
By Anastasia izgagina (Memphis TN)
my son is 1 year old and he loves this book , pages are very thick which is perfect to flip , images are very clean and simple . There is one mistake in the book that i would like to point out , the last letters should be ha wow ya , instead in the book it is wow ha ya 
Otherwise it is lovely book and i would ceryainly recommend it