Time to pray w/ Zaky, 10/24/2012
By Mir Ali (San Antonio TX)
Mashallah, my kids love the DVD and wish to watch it every day and learn the prayer.
dvd for children, 10/20/2012
By jaweed bakali (Richardson TX)
nicely explained to watch how we
pray salah for children
DVD, 10/6/2012
By Isa mom (Saddle brook NJ)
All the zaky movies are made great. Its a great way for kids to learn how to pray and do wudu. My kids are between the age of 1-4, and they all get excited when I put this dvd. A must have for young kids. Songs are great.. no music!
Time to pray with Zacky, 8/5/2012
By ismeta ahmetasevic (waterloo IA)
My kids love it! They sing the songs from this DVD.They also talk beetwen each other what they have heard. Great for younger kids to learn wudu. This DVD should be given 10 stars!!!!
Love this video, 3/29/2011
By Akila Nagori (staten island NY)
I purchased this video for my nephews and they love it!  Great way for younger kids (1-6) to learn wudu.  It may also be useful for reverts as my sister in law gave it to a sister who recently became muslim and she said it really helped her.
Kids love this DVD, 2/24/2011
By Lisa Wright (oklahoma City OK)
My 3 girls love this DVD. It is an invaluable tool to assist with instilling how to make wudu. It also has so insightful information that my 2-6 year olds are picking up and implementing in their lives. They sing the songs from the DVD and repeat some of what they have heard.