Excellent Quality, 8/13/2020
By Summer Abdelghani (Little Rock AR)
I don’t think they cost quite so much when I purchased them five years ago, but they were still quite expensive. I believe they were worth every penny. We have not stopped reading them in five years, and we have bought an additional level.  My children’s favorites are Mustache Cat and Shatta the Duck. I just wish I had a way to make loving them not so hard on the books! Our most read copies are falling apart after much live and use.
Great Book Series, 2/11/2019
By Raghda Elsayed (West Monroe LA)
This is a very attractive book set for kids with amazing print quality and stories. My daughter enjoys quite a few titles of these, especially the story about the bears and the one about waking up early, "Wake up Jad". There is quite a variety of stories, and some of them rhyme.