Must have, 2/19/2021
By (Devon PA)
It is a must have book to teach little kids Arabic at home. I really like that it is color coded. It is written in a big font. This book is good for both kids and adults.
Great book and CD, 9/4/2019
By Mariam R (Harrisburg PA)
My kids have found it easy to use this book to learn from. The CDs are very helpful as well especially for those who do not know the language. I may consider using it to teach myself.
Number 1 for Arabic, 8/5/2018
By H Naser (richardson TX)
Ma Sha Allah this is the best way to learn to read Arabic for kids and adults
review, 8/24/2012
By Umm A (Portland OR)
Excellent. It is helpful for people trying to put together common sounds and words of the Qur'aan.  May Alllah bless the producers.  Try it with recording yourself so you can hear your mistakes.
Very useful, 2/16/2012
By A Muslimah (Albany NY)
MashaAllah this book is great for a mother to teach her children and others to teach/learn from as well. The print is large and color-coded, and I like that it has English as well as Arabic. I like the product.
Excellent Book to learn Quran and Arabic reading, 9/23/2011
By Fasail Al Yousef ( )
I I used this book along with 5 CDs , for both of my daughters  ,they loved the system and Start reading the Quran in very short time with Excellent pronunciation  , especially my wife who  taught them took teacher training  course from the other’s grand s on which was tremendous help . 
I recommend to All the new Muslims and children.
Nooarani Qa'idah, 5/17/2011
By Oumou Diallo (Greensboro NC)
This book is a very good book, it's really help to learn how to read and it's easy to follow.
Noorani Qa'idah: Master Reading, 3/4/2011
By Nahed Abdelgawad (Pittsburgh PA)
It is very good book.