Excellent, 4/26/2015
By Niveen Fahmy (Silver Spring MD)
Perfect education Islamic CD.  I love it.  The kids love it.  And it helps with teaching your kids Arabic as well.
I'm A Muslim, 2/11/2013
By Moath Shanti ( )
AMAZING!!!! Got this CD for my nieces and nephews and I sing it more than they do.
We are Muslims, 11/4/2012
By samia alkhatib (Livermore CA)
Love it!
Review, 10/22/2012
By Nabil Elayyan (Dearborn MI)
The kids love it
cd, 8/28/2012
By rhonda Elmilady (north attleboro MA)
My kids love it they listing to it many times already
Masha'Allah, 8/25/2012
By Bouhedli AbdAlNoor ( )
I love it!, 7/6/2012
By Ahmed Gadelmawla (Murrieta CA)
I love this CD. My daughter is 11 months old and she listens to it everyday and she loves it also. Thank you Noorart!
Very nice, 3/8/2012
By Ghina Yamout (San Diego CA)
I and kids love it. Excellent production, topics wording and music
I'm a Muslim (Arabic Version Audio CD), 2/23/2012
By Sabina Osmanbhoy (Redmond WA)
we love it, it's very good, my son sings with it and he is only two years old.
love it, 2/22/2012
By amneh atiyeh (enola PA)
i love it my kids enjoying it so much listennig to it hundred time every day they never got bored the only way to stop my kids screaming and fighting in the van is to put this cd
I'm a Muslim(Arabic/English version Audio CD), 2/8/2012
By Sadia Rafeeq (Camp Hill PA)
Our preschoolers like all the songs--Masha-Allah very interesting & inspiring
Ana muslim, I am a muslim, 2/5/2012
By jamillah alwreikat (ORLANDO FL)
Mashallah.... very, very beautiful cd. My kids love it and every time we go into the car, they want to hear it again. I would definitely recommend buying it for young children.
Arabic, 1/22/2012
By Hanan Mahmoud (Raleigh NC)
Continue the good work.
GREAT, 1/15/2012
By arlene p (Pawtucket RI)
we also have the english CD's and this one is as great as those. we are not arabic speakers but because we have heard the english version we find ourselves singing this one too. we love this CD.
Arabic, 11/18/2011
By Taqwa Tofaha (Hayward CA)
The Arabic version of “We are Muslim” is beautiful and inspiring just as the English one.  My kids started chanting with the songs as soon as we replayed it. May Allah reward and help you with all your efforts toward making the learning of our deen more fun for our kids.
Jazakumullaho khairan

"I love it!"- Aayan, 4 yrs old, 10/24/2011
By Aayan Ghani (Garland TX)
"I love this CD!" my 4 year old said today, as we got into the car.  As non-Arabic speakers, my children (2 and 4 yrs old) both love it.  I see them tapping their toes, clapping their hands, and bobbing their heads to the songs.  The Arab-sounding beats are so uplifting and the voices beautifully melodic!  To be honest, I love listening to it too!  I totally recommend this CD-- Arabic and non-Arabic speakers are both sure to enjoy it! There are enough words that are drawn from Islamic terminology that non-Arabic speakers will also grasp the general meanings.  I do recommend Noorart to place the translation to the lyrics somewhere online or in a CD insert, inshallah.
I'm a muslim arabic CD, 10/21/2011
By Ahmed Elimy (Philadelphia PA)
Great CD my kids don't speak arabic and they already know the lyrics. I also bought the english CD We are muslims 2 and they love it. Great for kids 4 to 6 years old.