Arabic / Islam study, 7/14/2011
By Abdul Hakim Reese (Severn MD)
This book about 3 months ago from England bookstore online  : and I started reading because I am always looking for books to help my understanding of Arabic and Islam , mashallah the the 1 story I read was about when the Grandfather told his kids about the Two Ablutions for Salat ; when two burglars were robbing an home and it became time for salat and they started looking for water but the water was off in House they doing their Haram in , so each told a internal story about how to perform Wuda with out water but also you will need the Akbar Wudu which is the one where you internal turn to Allah with out any evil in your heart and get ready for salat , then they each looked each other and said then what are we doing this evil now so they left and went to the Masjid and made Fajr at the near by masjid