great coffee table book, 1/1/2021
By F C (San Jose CA)
The book is engaging and short enough that anyone could pick up and read a couple pages and feel nourished. Younger children relish having the stories read to them, and adults also enjoy the heartwarming tales.
Will make your heart smile, 8/27/2020
By Mrs Mbacke (Acworth GA)
Assalamu alaykum.  Alhamdulillah.  Turn on your kettle and select your favorite brew of tea.  This first book in the series A Cup of Mint Tea will make your heart smile, in shaa Allah.  I find myself reading the stories and then contemplating on the lessons of the story that are outlined.  These stories are beneficial to readers of all ages, and the lessons and virtues of the story can help us all remember the character and attributes of a good muslim, and how we should strive to act on it at every opportunity.  Without giving too much away, remnants of the story of the Coal Basket sticks with me-as does the way the grandfather related to the child.  It gave a new perspective of a teachable moment, and I am very grateful.  It is a good book, I hope for my family and I to benefit from it for years to come in shaa Allah.  Hopefully, you will find benefit and goodness in its stories, too, in shaa Allah.
A Cup of Mint Tea Volume 1 (English), 5/13/2019
By Lynn Smith (Grand Rapids MI)
The illustrations in this book are great. A good buy!  It's got a great lesson and it's hard to find books like this anywhere other than at Noorart! I highly recommend it!