missing 17 suras between volume 1 and 2, 12/23/2013
By Abu Aisha (newark DE)
missing 17 suras between volume 1 and 2
Juz Amma Part 2, 1/6/2012
By Mariam Samady (hayward CA)
This book is really wonderful for people of all ages because it has the translation of the surah with it. And also It is a great book for memorizing. I actually ordered this for my students to memorize from it and they have no trouble at all.
Juz Amma Volume Two, 1/20/2011
By Sue Reeves (Plano TX)
The second part of the Juz Amma series, this book is very nice for the revert or school age child looking for a complete explanation in english and arabic of the 30th part of the Qur'an. This book would also be nice for those looking to memorize the surahs individually or the Juz as a whole.