Great puzzle, 12/3/2018
By Nora Elzayyat (Mesa AZ)
This puzzle is an excellent way to teach the Arabic letters. My 2 year old daughter has so much fun with it. The wood is great quality and durable. The colors are fun and the best part about it is it’s hands on!
Learn Arabic Letters, 1/13/2014
By Syed Zaidi (Piscataway NJ)
Bought this for my 2 year old and he learned all the arabic letters so quickly after giving  him this. Before I was trying to make him watch youtube videos but this made him learned really good.
Great product, 6/20/2013
By R Syed (East Amherst NY)
This is a great product to familiarize kids with the arabic alphabet. Since my son has started sunday school, this product helps to reinforce his learning. Thank you!
arabic, 5/23/2013
The Puzzle is great, and it will be used for many years in million different ways. Thank you Noor art.
Alphabet Board Puzzle, 4/30/2013
By uzma shazad (sausalito CA)
My son loves this a lot and he learnt from the puzzle very quickly..
Great, 4/23/2013
By Aisha Izg (Cordova TN)
My 3 year old loves it. 
Great price for such a nice puzzle
Excellent, 2/15/2013
By Zia Ahmed (Bartlett IL)
A must have product to tech kids Arabic letters.
Arabic Alphabet Puzzle, 11/25/2012
By huda taji (temple terrace FL)
This is a very good start for children to learn the Arabic Alphabet. They can play on their  own and then say the names of the letters, later you can call the name of the letter and the child has to look for it and place it in its place, It is a fun way to get the child get used to the shape of the letters and with the help of a grownup, he/she will learn the names of the letters in a fun way.
Very Good, 10/1/2012
By Thomas Facchine (Audubon NJ)
My son loves this puzzle! It helped him learn the arabic alphabet in a surprisingly short time. I only wish that the dots, such as distinguish the letters ba, ta, and tha from each other, were attached to the letters and not merely written on the board. The result is when you take the letters off the board, there is no distinguishing them from each other except by color. Other than this, an invaluable learning tool we use several times a day.
OK, 6/21/2011
By t elmenayer (tampa FL)
Amazing, 5/12/2011
By I Mohammed (LOGAN UT)
Nice tool to have for my daughter
Alphabet Board Puzzle, 5/8/2011
By Arifuddin Syed (Richardson TX)
Very helpfull & interesting for childrens to play & learn
Awesome, 3/19/2011
By Umer Ahmed (Chicago IL)
Purchased for our 3 y/o daughter who taught herself the Qida on youtube mA.
Very Good, 3/7/2011
By Sumra . (Queens Village NY)
Bought it for all my little nieces and nephews. Its fun and simple.
Good, 1/7/2011
By Fay Khan (Jersey City NJ)
It is great to teach the alphabet in a more fun way!
very good, 12/9/2010
By fatima zohra (Rochester NY)
this product is far far better than i expected.