i love Allah book, 12/12/2017
By ayesha shaheeen (Little neck NY)
i love this book excellent
Islam, 3/9/2016
By Afshan Khan (Santa Barbara CA)
This is a wonderful workbook and perfect for my 4 year old daughter! She loves the colorful images and fun activities. It helps to make learning about Islam fun!
wonderful book - very comprehensive, 8/10/2015
By michelle kolachi ( )
This workbook is very comprehensive and can be used for 4-5-6 year olds easily.  It has stories, coloring, games, cut-outs, stickers, songs, etc...  wonderful!  As a teacher of Islamic sunday school this book reduces the time making copies for coloring and worksheets.  This has it all!  I don't have to search around and make my own curriculum with worksheets.  The only thing I want to know... where's the CD for the songs!?! It doesn't give the tunes for the songs so I am going to have to be creative to make up some tune for the songs in the book.... UGH!
Peter Gould's series, 1/2/2014
By Heidi Soliman (Grand Forks ND)
Allah Loves Me is the VERY BEST book I have seen on Islam- it's properly edited, excellent colors, activities and well written for small kids.  Now, where to find the tune to the songs?  Peter Gould's other works are really outstanding as well.  THIS IS THE BOOK TO GET FOR YOUR KIDS!!!