The Best Stories book, 5/22/2015
By Ghinwa A (Urbandale IA)
Great buy! I've been looking for such book for so long! It is a book about the history of Islam through the life of Muhamad (PBUH). Here is why I and my kid like it: It is written in Arabic. It has very beautiful illustrations, obviously done by an artist! and they are lively with people and expressions. My child did not like the other books that repeatedly had pictures of camels and dessert in them. (3) It includes a selection of the most important event at the beginning of Islam and have a title for each of them. (4) Every story includes short verses from Quran that related to it (e.g. surat el-Feel for the story of Abraha). The language is appropriate for kids starting 8, but the words can easily be modified while readying for younger kids. The book has hard cover and thick pages. I wish they produce another one! Worth the money.