Taught me about Hajj!, 11/30/2020
By Asiah K (Roswell GA)
If your child likes those photo rich DK books, this is similar. Lots of pictures and text and a lot of information! We have a collection of books for the Muslim holidays and this was a great edition. We love Hajj!
Tell me about hajj, 7/6/2011
By Jodi Anderson (Houston TX)
I bought this book years ago and loved the it.  This book is wonderful for new muslims, so I bought it for a friend. I also loved the illustration.
Catchy for the kids, 12/2/2010
By Zein Kharrat (Plano TX)
Assalamu alaikom
The pictures really caught our attention when we first opened this book!  They're so crips and detailed.  It was easy for me to real out loud to my 9, 8, and 5 yr olds without them losing interest.  The older ones could also read on their own, but I wanted to read aloud first with enthusiasm to catch their interest. I recommend this book as a useful reference for this part of Islamic history.