Coloring Book I, 10/4/2018
By K Ahmed (Magnolia AR)
This is a very nice coloring book. The pictures are not too detailed so it can be used for kids of any age. Also, there are words that go along so it can be used for sunday school, homeschool, or just for fun at home. Highly recommend this book as well as the second book in this series by the same author.
Good but repetative, 2/7/2013
By Naya M (Urbandale IA)
This is a relatively big book with so many pictures. Each page is headed by a couple of lines which are part of a story. The book has about 4 stories from Quran. The stories are written in English (I wish there was an Arabic version for Arabic readers or Arabic schools). Kids like to color the pages. The only problem is that the story extends on more than 10-15 pages, so the kids have to wait 15 days to hear the complete story. Pictures in the story also get to be repetative. I wish there were more stories.
Quran Big Coloring book, 10/2/2012
By nazneen puthawala (lincoln RI)
Students love to listen stories with pictures for them to color
Book, 7/25/2012
By Umm Yousef (King of Prussia PA)
My son loves it
Book, 7/25/2012
By Umm Yousef (King of Prussia PA)
Excellant qualty
wonderful, 9/18/2011
By faiza ishaque (Katy TX)
Great way to learn while coloring