Worth Buying, 10/9/2019
By Rasha AlMahroos (Arlington VA)
This is a set of 15 books. The books are at different levels - some are for younger kids and some are for older. My girls are 3 and 5 and so far they have enjoyed The Magic Painbrush, Lazy Sarhan, and Cinderella (called The Glass Slipper here). I really didn’t like the version of Little Red Riding Hood. She has a cellphone for some reason and it’s kind of weird. There are two other books that are their age that they didn’t find engaging but like adults, kids have their own taste. I haven’t gotten to the other books yet and I plan to introduce them later. Overall this is a good set of books to have at home. Four stars because some books are misses, some are hits but they are generally well written and the illustrations are good.