Very useful book, Mashaa'Allah, 5/23/2014
By Noraan Awad (ballwin MO)
As usual, any product we order from Noor art is great Masha'Allah..Thank you for this great book. May Allah reward and bless you .Ameen.
pretty decent, 1/2/2014
By Heidi Soliman (Grand Forks ND)
I really like this book and think its better quality than most publications out there.  Give it a try, especially at this price, why not!?
Highly Recommended, 4/21/2013
By Noraan Awad (ballwin MO)
Jazkum Allhu Khayran
one of its kind, 2/6/2012
By umm aayan g. (Garland TX)
Mashallah, this book is amazing. What impresses me the most is that it has so many different TYPES of activities (skits, songs, mobiles, sequence, coloring, fill in the blank, crafts, letters) that draw on students’ multiple intelligences (kinesthetic, audio/oral, visual, interpersonal, logical/mathematical, existential, intrapersonal, etc)… it is seriously amazing. There are few Islamic activity books that I’ve seen that do this. I recommend it for all elementary-grade educators!
jak, 9/9/2011
By Lisa Ismail (Knoxville TN)
Thank you; my daughter has this CD; so it is nice to have the illustrations to color along with it!
We love Muhammed workbook, 4/2/2011
By Lorenda Lewis (Dearborn MI)
Love the lyrics. Haven't spent too much time on the lesson in the book
We Love Muhammad, 11/28/2010
By Sumera Khan (Scarborough ON)
Jzk Allah for such a wonderful book. my son simple loves it and makes me read it to him over and over again. everytime we travel we listen to the audio cd. Subhan Allah he has literally memorised all the anasheed, by no other means he were able to memoroise the seerah of Prophet Muhammad so quick and with such detail. Jzk Allah khair.