Bidaya book, 7/19/2018
By Nuha Rifai (Amhusrt IN)
The book is aimed to teach the reading of Quran. I like how it starts with the letters and then short vowels and after that the long vowels,tanween, etc.
Th e vowels in the chapter are emphacised with diffrent colors.
I wish he included the Ayat that her got certain words from. Especially the words from Juzu Amma عمّ. It does help the students remember where they read a certain word in the Quran. This wsy they would remember it correctly in both books.
Bidaya-flashcards, 2/9/2018
By Laila Abdallah (Savannah GA)
These work great for in class practice. Similar layout to the posters, lessons and some pages in the free app.